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What is the Museum of #Activism?

Activism exists in numerous forms and, at its core, is peaceful action to bring about needed change. Activism has instigated more change in our lives than most people realize, and it has been responsible for many of the positive developments in society, including bringing about the end of slavery in the West, challenging dictatorships, advancing gender equality, protecting the environment, opposing racism, and promoting equality. Around the world, peaceful activism continues to play an ever-more critical role in recalibrating moral compasses, determining outcomes, and bringing about policy changes that affect millions.

The Museum of #Activism (MoA) shares the messages of global activism, encouraging visitors to reflect on the issues they find important and consider how they, too, can become agents of positive change. 

The Museum’s mission is to counter apathy and civic illiteracy by engaging visitors to appreciate the power of activism. In addition to the more familiar “whos,” “whens,” and “whys” of activist causes, exhibitions will present the “hows” and “whats” – the powerful, concrete makings of activism.

Meet the Team


Rafif Jouejati,

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Rafif is a Syrian-American activist who became involved in the Syrian Uprising since its early days. She serves on multiple civil society and activist boards, including Baytna, The Day After, and Nonviolence International.

She is also a trainer in nonviolent tactics, Program Manager for the Syrian Freedom Charter initiative, and a Nonresident Fellow and Advisory Council member at the Middle East Institute in Washington, DC.


Sirpa West,

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Sirpa, a Swedish-Finnish registered nurse, specialized in  elder care and advocates for the rights of elderly home-care patients. In addition to her healthcare activism, she has worked with Samuel on creating and operating two international touring museums.


Samuel West,

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Samuel is an

American-Icelandic licensed clinical psychologist with a PhD in organizational psychology and innovation from

Lund University.


He founded two internationally successful exhibitions, the Museum of Failure and the Disgusting Foods Museum. Both exhibitions communicate powerful messages while remaining interesting and engaging to visitors. Samuel's activism efforts are mainly focused on environmental causes.


Wayne Wallace,


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Wayne is the founder of 2nd Stories, a movement dedicated to highlighting people’s experiences with second chances in life. He is also dedicated to activism against cancer and heart disease, and frequently sponsors or participates in athletic events to raise awareness about deadly health issues. He is an expert project manager with diverse technical and program expertise in cybersecurity, organizational and infrastructure development, and strategic planning.

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